Our Theatre

Technical Information (subject to change)


Stage area Total width 10 metres

Usable width 8 metres (giving some wing space)

Depth 5.4 metres (to back wall)

Height 6 metres (over most of stage area)


Seating 75 – 110 (depending on application)

Permanent – 5 rows tiered, (in theatre mode 67 seats)

Additional seating can be arranged on request


Sound Circuits (input / output) Multiple to both sides of stage

Control Allen and Heath GL2200

24 channel

Media Mini-disc, CD, cassette tape, reel to reel, computer with SCS11 for audio file playing

Main amplifiers Crown XLS400 2 channel

Quad 2 x 2 channel 150

Speakers House (fixed) Bose columns x 2

½ stage (fixed) Bose columns x 2

Upstage (mobile) Full range bins x2

Upstage centre Subwoofer

Comms Separate mixer and amplifiers Dressing room PA

Foyers PA

Microphones (to hire)

Fixed and radio Enquire


Lighting Dimmers 54 x 2Kw

Distribution FOH 1 x 6 Circuit pre-wired bar

1 x 12 circuit pre-wired bar

Stage 2 x 12 circuit pre-wired bars

Stage 2 x 6 circuit pre-wired perch bars

Stage 2 x 6 circuit boxes (1 each side)

Stage floor 5 x 15A circuits

All lighting bars have at least 1 x 15A permanently live output and DMX connectivity for use with LED fixtures which may be daisy-chained  

Luminaires House rig is Color Source LED fixtures and includes spotlamps (some zoom), Fresnel, cyc and PAR lamps. A small number of conventional lamps including Strand Patt 23, 123, 223, 264 and Coda are also available. A full list will be provided on request

Control Solutions auto / manual board in control room

Applemac laptop computer with Qlab4 software

Digital network allows technical control and communication from all areas of the performance space and auditorium


Stage dressing Cloths (included) Black, Brown

Cloths (for hire) Cyc, Gauzes

Flats (included) Black 4’ x 18’ – Qty 6

Flats (included) Black 2’ x 12’ – Qty 2

Flats (to hire) Enquire

Dance floor (to hire)

Foam rubber floor (to hire)


Equipment available to hire Cinema facility including HD projector, motorised full stage width screen, DVD, Blu-ray capability, surround sound audio. HDMI, VGA and audio inputs at stage level or control room.

Smoke machine

Bubble machine

Pyrotechnic system

Mirror balls

Dry ice maker


UV lamps

CCTV Stage video To dressing rooms, foyer and café areas