THE ENDLING Strange Futures

25 September, 2021 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
The Coach House Theatre
THE ENDLING Strange Futures @ The Coach House Theatre

THE ENDLING Strange Futures

The Coach House Theatre

Saturday 25th September

6pm -7pm



We live in a time of ‘Endlings’ – the last individual of a species – caused by human actions. You may remember Lonesome George, the last Pinta Island Tortoise, but do you remember Turgi, the last Polynesean Tree Snail? He died in a plastic box and his grave marker read “1.5 million years BC to January 1996”. In this quirky, humourous, physical performance, Strange Futures ask some difficult questions, without blaming. How can we stop viewing ourselves as separate from the rest of he living world? Should we, perhaps, be choosing to move towards a human Endling. What

if that Endling was you?


Strange Futures have consulted environmental specialists and been

working creatively on a local nature reserve to develop a physical

vocabulary that responds to the environment, with extra support from

performer/director Julian Spooner of Rhum & Clay, renowned for his

suburb physical performance (War of the Worlds, Mistero Buffo,



“Join Strange Futures, as they use their humour, quirky perspective and powerful physicality – (Scotsman 2019), to discuss climate impact and responsibility. ★★★★ London Theatres


“Remarkable physical dexterity”, “Thoughtful and refreshingly non-accusatory show. Worth watching” (London Theatre1). 

BOOKING Please note the Coach House theatre ask for booking in advance with allocated seating. Audience members will be asked to wear a mask where possible.

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